We offer multiple models of Liftmaster garage door openers. They provide the ultimate in safety and security features. They have been tried and true for many years. Based on our personal experience, we would highly recommend them.  These garage door openers are contractor grade to withstand years of trouble-free operation.

Chain Drive
Durable, reliable and offers lasting performance.
They are ultra dependable and less expensive than the belt drive, which makes them a popular choice.

Belt Drive
Offers the ultimate in quiet operation and delivers smooth-running power and reliable performance.

Screw Drive
Specially engineered to run smoothly and quietly even in extreme temperatures. Screw drives work great on one piece wood tilt-up doors.

Jack Shaft (side mount)
Mounts on the wall beside the garage door, freeing up ceiling space. Ideal when there is not enough headroom for a traditional garage door opener. 

We specialize in repairing garage door openers as well. All necessary components are on our trucks to make most repairs. While we are at your home, we can evaluate your opener and make sure it can be repaired. If not, we can discuss installing a new garage door opener, which we also carry on our trucks. 

If you have any questions about what garage door opener would best suit your needs, please give us a call for personalized help. Thank you for the opportunity to do business with you. We look forward to making you another one of our satisfied customers!